Avant Dental101 is a free platform build to answer / clear patient doubts and queries related to their dental problems or treatments. The portal is accessible to everyone.

On this platform, emphasis is laid on wellness that encourages our society to seek preventive care, which will often reduce the need for more costly care and will also favourably impact overall health. Patients should have as much knowledge as possible to assist them in making informed decisions regarding their oral health and treatment options.

Avant Dental101 provides information, interactive tools and games that encourage and empower enrolees to be active participants in managing their oral and overall health.

Avant Dental101 contains informative content and FAQs related to most topics and should be able to answer your question. If your doubt still persists, please post your query on our home page.

Your query is supported by our empanelled team of experienced doctors and service specialists who understand your specific query and are responsive to your needs.