Cosmetic Treatment / Smile Designing is an artistic method to align your teeth and beautify your smile. In this procedure, non invasive techniques and materials are used to cosmetically correct and design your smile.

It includes treatment for teeth when there is:
• minor spacing in front teeth
• internal discoloration in teeth
• improper shape of teeth
• mild overlapping of teeth
• missing teeth

*A stable bite along with good oral hygiene status is a must to attain and assure a good cosmetic correction which will last for a long time.

Cosmetic correction is done by use of the following materials-

Crowns / Veneers / Laminates.

CROWNS – A Crown is a material that covers your entire visible part of the tooth like a cap. It is tooth coloured and highly aesthetic. Shade matching of the tooth can be done and desired shade and contour can be easily achieved. Latest crown manufacturing is done with CAD CAM technique which is a highly advanced and modern method. These crowns are aesthetically pleasing, provide a perfect fit and help us attain an ideal smile.

It is a painless, non invasive procedure and can be done in a week – 10 days time. It involves shaving the tooth slightly, impressions are taken to record the measurements which are then send to the lab for fabrication of the crown.
A trial fitting session is done in the patient’s mouth and if the crown sits in properly, it is fixed. In case any adjustments are required, the crown may be sent back to the lab.
Advantage of a crown is that it is strong and has less chances of fracturing or coming out.

Cost of the crown varies depending on the material chosen (mostly metal free e-max ceramic / zirconia). For front teeth, ceramic is the choice of material because aesthetics can be perfectly achieved with it and its cost may range between Rs. 8,000/- to Rs. 14000/-

VENEERS & LAMINATES – A veneer / laminate will cover only the front portion of your tooth like a sheet. It is tooth coloured and highly aesthetic. Since veneers are also made of Ceramic material, excellent shades can be achieved. It is also a painless, non invasive procedure and can be done in a week – 10 days time.
It involves shaving only on the front surface of the tooth unlike crowns. Minimal tooth structure is reduced, and then lab procedure starts.
The advantage of veneers / laminates is that minimal tooth cutting is done and maximum tooth structure is saved. Due to this they are not as strong as a crown and if not maintained properly may come out or chip off.

Cost of veneers and laminates is somewhat similar to that of a crown and will range between Rs. 8000/- to Rs. 12000/-.


*Spacing or gaps in between the teeth may be due to missing teeth, gum diseases, or congenitally smaller teeth than the normal which is a genetic trait. There are two lines of treatment that can be provided depending on the severity of discrepancy.

Orthodontic treatment: This will help in the alignment of all teeth in proper position with the help of fixed brackets and braces. It is a permanent treatment and may take 10 months to 24 months for completion depending on case to case. Quicker options may also be available.

Cosmetic treatment or smile designing: It is an artistic method to align your teeth and beautify your smile. In this we design the crowns, so as to close the gaps in between the teeth. It takes around 2-3 sittings. And in case you want any change in the shape or colour of your teeth, you can opt for veneers and laminates. These are non invasive techniques.



Discolouration can be due to various reasons (fall/accident/food deposits/fluorosis), it can be internal/external; single tooth/multiple teeth; opaque white colour patch to dark brown discolouration.

Your concern could be one of the following =
Single front discoloured tooth
• Usually associated with history of a fall / accident.
• Yellow or greyish discolouration.
• X-ray is important.
• Treatment = Crown placement. If x-ray shows any internal infection, RCT is required.
Yellow plaque like deposits on multiple teeth
• Sticky food deposits.
• External discolouration.
• Treatment = Cleaning and Polishing of teeth.
White patches on multiple teeth
• Usually a form of fluorosis.
• Internal discolouration.
• Treatment = Veneers / laminates preferred. Crowns can also be an option (depending
on your dental condition).
Yellow – brown patches on multiple teeth
• Form of fluorosis.
• Internal discolouration.
• Treatment = Spot bleaching / Veneers / Laminates / Crowns (depending on your dental
Generalised yellow coloured teeth
• Cosmetic concern.
• Naturally yellowish teeth.
• Internal discolouration.
• Treatment = Bleaching / spot bleaching (depending on your dental condition).

Depending on what is the correct treatment for you and how many teeth are affected, the cost will range between Rs. 6,000 (in-office teeth whitening) to Rs. 12,000 – Rs. 14,000 (cosmetic crown / veneer per tooth).

All the above mentioned procedures are non invasive and painless.

Bleaching usually lasts between 8 months to 1-1/2 years depending on your diet and maintenance.
Veneers & Laminates have an average life of 8 -10 years, if all the post-care instructions are followed properly.
Good crowns last for a minimum of 10 years, if maintained properly.


Broken tooth / teeth are generally a cosmetic cause of concern. A tooth can be broken at various angles (chipped off tip of the tooth – fractured crown of the tooth).

Depending on the extent of damage in your tooth, various types of treatments can be planned.
Chipped off edges to small fractures = simple filling can be planned.
Medium crown fracture = x-ray is taken (if the tooth is vital), crown may be planned.
Large crown fracture = x-ray is taken (if the tooth is non vital), RCT along with crown may be planned.

Depending on the extent of damage and the correct line of treatment for you, the cost could range from Rs. 600 for a normal filling to Rs. 25,000 for complex RCT  and crown(your choice).

If the extent of damage is limited, the procedure will be painless. In case you experience any discomfort, local anaesthesia can be used to relieve you of any associated pain. Post the treatment, usually no pain is observed. In case you experience any discomfort, you can always contact your dentist.

Filling usually is done instantly. If RCT and Crown work need to be done, it can usually be done within a week and temporary replacement is provided in the meantime.